Indoor contained play structures take fun to a whole new level with KidsCube modular play systems. There are 14 different play events that you can purchase and combine in a million different ways. Choose from a Ball Toss Room, a Turbo Car, a Twist ‘n’ Turn, and much more! Select the play events that you want, then snap them together to make your own unique, maze-like, indoor contained play structure. Better yet, the KidsCube systems are easy to clean. The “cubes” are tall enough to offer space for adults to accompany their kids into the structure, and they have lare outside openings for maximum visibility from outside. You’ll never look at indoor contained play equipment the same after entering the KidsCube! For more information about the KidsCube indoor contained play systems, phone us toll free today to speak with a helpful sales representative. Click here to see the manufacturer’s website … then phone us for an estimate on the item you like!

KidsCube indoor modular play systems let you mix and match 14 different play events, including the following fun events:
Basketball Play Cubeindoor playground equipment
Twist ‘n’ Turn Cube
indoor contained play systems
Wiggle Top Cube
kidscube indoor play