Aqua Blocks

Aqua Blocks -- Outdoor Play Equipment -- Water ToysAqua Blocks — Everyone knows, kids love to play with water. Add a set of Aqua Blocks to your play area, and you’ll make a big splash with the little ones. Stack ’em and connect the Aqua Blocks and Aqua Ducts to create channels of water that will fascinate children for hours.

There are two Aqua Blocks sets available:

• Perpetual Loop Set
• Base Set

Aqua Blocks Perpetual Loop Set

Aqua Blocks -- Outdoor Play Equipment -- Water Toys
Aqua Blocks Perpetual Loop Set weighs 60 lbs.
Price $729.00 Part# AQB-2

The Aqua Blocks Perpetual Loop Set will give your kids hours of water fun! It features plenty of blocks and ducts for them to stack into many configurations. The motorized pump adds a whole new level of fun to the experience! The Perpetual Loop Set includes everything in the Base Set (see below), plus

=6 stack blocks
=1 teal blue bucket block
=a 5 g.p.m. re-circulation pump with attachments

Aqua Blocks Pump

Photo of the re-circulation pump

Aqua Blocks

The pump & Aqua Blocks.

fun with Aqua Blocks!

The pump’s water-proof power source fits inside one of the blocks.

Aqua Blocks Base Set

Aqua Blocks -- Outdoor Play Equipment -- Water ToysThe Aqua Blocks Base Set brings aqueduct fun to your play area at a budget price. Kids can stack and match the blocks and ducts into endless configurations. Just add water and let the fun begin! The Base Set includes

= 2 blue Aqua Blocks
= 2 red Aqua Blocks
= 2 teal blue “S” Aqua Ducts
= 2 teal blue “I” Aqua Ducts
= 2 yellow Flood Gates

Aqua Blocks Base Set weighs 45 lbs.
Price: $399.00
Part# AQB-1

If you have any questions about the Aqua Blocks, phone us toll free!