Creativity leads to Excellence

Large Meteor with Fort and Slide, ID: DX-1011. Please Phone for Pricing

This section highlights creativity. At Dynamo, imaginations are always running in overdrive and we never stay inside the box. Whether it is a unique custom project, or the next production item, we have plenty of ideas for you. These units are centralized around the idea of letting the imagination run wild. Some are combinations of other Dynamo products, such as a net climber with a slide on top, or an entire modular unit with Dynamo ropes. Be sure to check out our other rope courses, net climbers, and rotating climbers!

For more information about our playground equipment, just phone us today, toll free. We have safety experts standing by to offer information to your about all of our commercial playground equipment.

Creative Concepts

ID: DX-902
Capacity: 34
Height: 11′ 6″
Price: Out of Stock
Igloo Net Climber
ID: DX-1000
Capacity: 25
Height: 8′ 3″
Price: Out of Stock
Igloo Type 1
ID: DX-1000-1
Capacity: 16
Height: 9′ 10″
Price: Out of Stock
Igloo Combo 1
ID: DX-1000-2
Capacity: 40
Height: 10′ 2″
Price: Out of Stock
Igloo Combo 2
ID: DX-1000-3
Capacity: 48
Height: 11′ 2″
Price: Out of Stock
Igloo Combo 4
ID: DX-1000-4
Capacity: 25
Height: 9′ 10″
Price: Out of Stock

Colors Available

These units are fully customizable to fit the theme of your playground. The available rope colors and paint are shown below, however custom colors can be included for a little extra pricing if your desired color is not shown. If you do not see the color you want, please phone us for more color options.