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Great Equipment for Value Prices

These simple yet sturdy toys are designed to take full advantage of the natural imaginative abilities of the children with regards to self-directed play experience. This particular line of equipment separates itself from other units by minimizing cost and maximizing fun!

Durable and Long Lasting

All our equipment is built of heavy gauge steel — commercial grade and built using ASTM and CSPC Guidelines. A lot of the toys will have imaginary theme panels built out of HDPE (high density polyethylene) Plastic. It is very Durable, Fade Resistant, UV Resistant, and Scratch Resistant. All plastic equipment is GreenCircleCertified® Tangent Poly-TufTM Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Lumber. We do all this to make the toys as low maintenance as possible. Who wants to replace worn items on toys all the time?

Imagination is Key in Brain and Body Development

The most important thing we hope to do is to let children’s imaginations soar to new levels through play. Let their social skills be built by interacting with all their friends and help them get stronger as their motor skills are being refined and strengthened.

More info and Pricing

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Infinity Cycles

Trike Paths


Spring Vehicles

Play Houses

Natural Play Area

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