Introducing Crawlers

Crawlers are another name for the stationary vehicles we have to offer. For information on vehicles with a bit more bounce, see our Spring VehiclesCrawlers are fun and imaginative toys, all at value prices. Let your kid’s imagination soar! Become a fire fighter with our Lil’ Dumpy Slide. A mechanic with our Tool Truck. Or a police officer with our Infinity Copter. The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

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Unit Model and IDPrice
Lil Dumpy Slide

Tool Truck

Steam Roller

Water Car

Passenger Car


Complete the Set!

The 5-piece Road Crew fun set comes with Lil’ Dumpy, Tool Truck, Steam Roller, Water Car, and Passenger Car for discount price of $6,695

Colors Available

The Tool Truck comes in Red, Blue, and Lime Green

The Steam Roller comes in a Red or Blue frame

The Water Car comes in Red, Blue, or Yellow

Infinity Copter comes in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Lime Green

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