Bike racks for your playground, school, or organization are available here, from the top manufacturers in the business. These bike racks are tough, classic models from top suppliers in the bike business, with some new twists thrown in (see below). Don’t settle for a flimsy bike rack — get the quality models your students or employees expect, to keep their bikes safe. Portable or permanent bike rack models are available for every photo you see here. Each bike rack conforms to playground standards, and once a bike is fastened to them, it’s not going anywhere.  You can rely on Maryland Materials to provide you the quality playground equipment that gives you peace of mind and strength of security.

Double Entry Bicycle Rack
These racks are the schoolyard standard. The frame is built of 1-5/8″ O.D. pipe. The racks are available in portable or permanent models. Order the 5′ models on-line by clicking below.Available lengths: 5 feet, 10 feet, or 20 feet. All measure 2’8″ wide x 2′ 9″ high. The 5-foot bikeracks ship UPS.

Permanent Double Entry Bike Racks

Portable Double Entry Bike Racks

Single Entry Bicycle Rack
These classic designs have smaller racks for fewer bikes. Available to attach 5, 9, or 18 bikes, depending on the size of frame you choose. The frame is built of 1-5/8″ O.D. pipe. Available in portable or permanent models. The 5-foot bikeracks ship UPS!

Permanent Single Entry Bike Racks

Portable Single Entry Bike Racks

Loop Bicycle Racks
These modern bike racks are available with 7 loops or 5. Available in permanent models, which must be embedded in concrete, or portable models, which bolt to the ground using a surface mount. Also available in a 2-loop configuration (see “M”-Shape Rack at the bottom of the page).

Permanent Loop Bike Racks (attached with concrete)

Portable Loop Bike Racks (attached with surface mount)

Mini Bike Racks
These racks are perfect for parks, trails, and smaller playgrounds. They’re easy to install, and dent-resistant, too. These bike racks are available with a powder-coated paint option (the finish is matte, not shiny). These bike racks ship via UPS.

2 Loop Bike Rack
Weight: 25 lbs.
$390.00 (#801-173)
Available with surface
mount option $403.00 (#801-173-S)
Ships via UPS

3 Loop Bike Rack
Weight: 27 lbs.
$462.00 (#801-174)
Available with surface
mount option $472,00 (#801-174-S)
Ships via UPS

“M”-Shape Bike Rack
Weight: 33 lbs.
$352.00 (#801-172)
Available with surface
mount option ($364.00)


“N”-Shape Bike Rack
Weight: 25 lbs.
$179.00 (#801-171)
Also available painted ($400.00) or with surface
mount option ($189.00)


Surface Mount  This feature lets you bolt the bike rack to the ground. May be ordered with any of the Mini Bike Racks shown in this section.
Price: Approximately $13.00 – $16.00 for each bike rack.

The above Bike Racks are available with surface mount brackets, so you can bolt them to concrete instead of using embedding them in cement
(additional $21.00 charge).

If you have any questions about the bike racks, call us TOLL FREE.