Commercial slides are available here for commercial playground use. Our slides are top-quality grade, strong enough to take a beating every day from the kids and the elements. Our free-standing slide units are all-inclusive, with the slide stairway, structure, and sliding board all in one package. For your existing slide structures, we sell replacement sliding boards: straight and wave design, or spiral and tube designs. And we also sell replacement slide hardware, including slide hoods and feet. These slides are built with the finest quality low density resins, manufactured by the leading names in the commercial slide business.

Please note that the shown slide prices will vary. Many units come from multiple suppliers and their prices fluctuate with part and material cost based on availability. It is best to phone us for the most accurate pricing

Free Standing Straight Slide
Complete, free-standing slide units.

Straight and Wave Slides
Replacement straight & wave sliding boards
for your play structures.

Tube and Spiral Slides
Replacement tube and spiral sliding
boards for existing play units.

Commercial Slide Parts
Slide feet, slide hoods and slide brackets

The Benefits of Commercial Slides for Your Playground

Both types of  slides have sturdy double wall construction. All of these playground slides can be attached and removed using standard tools (however, we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional playground technician before undertaking any serious replacement playground slides operations). If you’re looking for recycled plastic commercial slides, rest assured that the plastics used in these slides are recycled. And don’t forget: when you buy commercial slides from us, you receive complete support after the purchase. Best of all, these commercial slides are made right here, in the USA. In fact, we think you’ll like these slides so much that you’ll order them from us time and time again. For more information about these items, call us at 1-877-840-0707. Please note that commercial slide prices shown do not include shipping or installation.