Fitness equipment adds a healthy touch to your commercial playground or public park. These fitness structures include a boarding net, horizontal bars, vault bars, horizontal ladder, horizontal bars, parallel bars, and a stall bar fence. These classic fitness structure designs are tough and durable, forged by leading playground equipment manufacturers. Your kids will spend hours hanging on the horizontal bars, horsing around on the vault bar, and climbing the boarding net. The fitness equipment steel posts and components are made from 50% recycled steel. Trust Maryland Materials for the fitness equipment that suits your playground or park needs.

Fitness equipment - playground boarding netBoarding Net

Fitness equipment - playground pole climbPole Climb

Fitness equipment - playground stall bar fenceStall Bar FenceFitness equipment - playground triple horizontal barsTriple Horizontal Bars
Fitness equipment - playground horizontal ladderHorizontal LadderFitness equipment - playground vault barSwing BarsFitness equipment - Playground Chain Ring LadderChain Ring LadderFitness equipment - playground parallel barsParallel Bars
Fitness equipment - playground vault barVault BarFitness equipment - playground balance beams straight or curvedBalance Beams
(Straight or Curved)
Fitness equipment - playground Sit up StationSit Up Station

How to order exercise equipment for your playground

Most of our customers for commercial playground equipment are schools, daycares and businesses. If you w0uld like a written estimate, including a quote for shipping, we would be glad to help. Just give us a call at 877-840-0707.