Climb to New Heights

We have a full selection of Dynamo net climbers for your playground. Kids love Dynamo net climbers because they are so much fun to play on. In case you are wondering, Dynamo Net Climbers are the highest quality of net climbers in the industry. These high-quality net climbers are built to last and hold more children at one time compared to other types of playground equipment. Plus, kids have so much fun with Dynamo equipment because they offer a real challenge! Be sure to check out our other rope courses, rotating climbers, and creative concepts!

We are an authorized vendor for Dynamo Net Climbers. As you can see below,  there are a variety of sizes, designs and sizes to choose from. We understand that this is not a small purchase, so if you would like a custom quote with shipping, simply give us a call at 877-840-0707.


We carry Dynamo Net Climbers and more!

In addition to Net Climbers, we also carry classic climbersAztec Climberswall climbers and much more! These climbers make a great addition to any playground and they have become popular in recent years. Whether it is for a school, community organization, church or business, consider installing a net climber on your playground. While we have been shipping the highest quality of playground equipment throughout the United States for over two decades, we also do playground installations throughout Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. If you are in our local area, we can install a net climber.

Colors Available

These units are fully customizable to fit the theme of your playground. The available rope colors and paint are shown below, however custom colors can be included for a little extra pricing if your desired color is not shown. If you do not see the color you want, call us.