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A sandbox cover with no cords! No snaps! No clips! No professional installation required! (Free Shipping!)

How to order a Sandbox Cover for your playground

You may order these sandbox covers directly online at our sister site To place an order over the phone, just give us a call at 877-840-0707. We can make a Sandbox Cover to fit any size or dimension (Free Shipping on the Magic Sandbox Cover!)

  1. Measure the exact length and width of your sandbox
  2.  If the size you need is not listed below, that is not a problem! We can have any size custom made for your sandbox.
  3.  Once the size of your sandbox is confirmed and payment is processed, we can ship your sandbox cover to anywhere in the United States.
  4. Remember that there is free shipping on all Weighted Edge Sandbox Covers

Pricing For Water-Proof Vinyl Weighted Edge Sandbox Covers

PRICE (Free Shipping!)
4′ by 4′
4′ by 6′
5′ by 5′
6′ by 6′
6′ by 8′
8′ by 8′
8′ by 10′
8′ by 12′
10′ by 10′
10′ by 12′
12′ by 12′

The benefits of a Magic Weighted Edge Sandbox Cover

Our unique Magic Sandbox Cover™ is the easy solution that you’ve been looking for! It’s made from tough vinyl, and the outside edges have a length of chain sewn inside all the way around. The edges hang over the side of your sandbox, weighing down the cover all the way around the sandbox. You just place the cover on your sandbox, make sure the edges are hanging over the sides … and that’s it!

No cords! No snaps! No clips!

No professional installation required!
Just place the cover on your sandbox and let the edges hang over the sides. The weighted edges hold the cover in place!

Our Magic Sandbox Covers™ keep the sand in and keep nature out! The wind won’t be able to blow sand out of the sandbox, and the cover will prevent leaves, branches, and dirt from entering the sandbox. Squirrels, raccoons, cats, and other rodents won’t be getting in, either, so the sand will stay pure and uncontaminated. Either way, you’ll save money!

Models Available

There are 2 models available: full vinyl, and vinyl with mesh interior.

Colors Available for the Magic Weighted Edge Sandbox Cover

Available in 3 colors: navy blue, forest green, or yellow.

Fabric of these Sandbox Covers

The vinyl we use for our Magic Sandbox Covers™ is heavy duty and completely resistant to water. The mesh is made from industrial matrix fabric. It’s the same kind that football teams use to protect the grass around the team benches during games. If a group of football players wearing cleats won’t hurt the fabric, then it’ll do just fine on your sandbox!

Are Custom Sizes Available?

As large or as small as you want! We custom make sandbox covers for any size sandbox, based on the measurements that you provide us about the outside length and width of the sandbox

Installing a Magic Weighted Edge Sandbox Cover

Installation of our Magic Sandbox Covers™ couldn’t be easier! There are no snaps, cords, or handles to mess with. Just lift the sandbox cover out of the box, walk over to your sandbox, place the cover across it, and hang the edges over the sides of the sandbox. The sandbox cover has a line of steel chain sewn into the outside edge, all the way around.

How long does delivery take?

14 – 21 days. This is because each cover is custom-cut to the dimensions of your sandbox. These are high-quality and durable sandbox covers that are custom-made in the USA.

†Note: These sandbox covers are custom-made to the measurements provided to us by the customer. So, please measure the sandbox to obtain an accurate measurement of the outside dimension of the sandbox. Maryland Materials will not be held liable for incorrect measurements by customers. Thank you for understanding.