“Magic” Hands-Free Weighted Sandbox Cover™

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Water-Proof Vinyl

As the name suggests, it is completely waterproof! If you want to keep your sand as dry as possible, consider this sandbox cover as the cover for you! At larger sizes, heavy rain and snow can cause water to pool at the center of the cover, making removal of the cover more challenging and messy. Pooling can be mitigated by keeping your sandbox full of sand or “propping” up the center of the box so the water slides off-try a beach ball or a pail!

Super-Durable Industrial Mesh

This cover allows moisture through, but is designed to be virtually tear-proof. The bright-side is, that means the water will not pool on the cover, meaning no hassle to remove the cover after a large amount of rain and no pooling mitigation necessary! Keep in mind, some moisture in the sand does not have to be a bad thing! Moisture in the sand will cause the sand to be damp and mold-able, allowing kids to make shapes easier and even make sand castles.

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