PlayOn artificial grass is perfect for use on playgrounds.
(Note: It is not recommended for use on athletic fields.  For that, see our page for AstroPlay.)

Play On Surfacing -- AstroPlay
Play On Surfacing

PlayOn surfacing is high quality artificial grass that lasts and lasts. It protects young knees and elbows, keeps clothes cleaner than woodchips, and gives your playground a professional look that pleases parents. It is similar to AstroTurf.

We install PlayOn playground surfacing in the Maryland – Washington, DC – Virginia area.

For more information on PlayOn surfacing, please phone us at 1-877-840-0707 TOLL FREE or 1-301-840-0707 locally.

Play On Surfacing -- Artificial

AstroPlay -- Artificial Playground Surface

AstroPlay -- Artificial Playground Surface