Heavy duty T swing - Swingsets - Playground Parts and Equipment

The perfect swingset for small playgrounds and backyards. It’s available with 2 or 3 seats (the picture shown above has 3 seats). This basic set requires less ground space than standard swings, which can aid compliance with CPSC space requirements.Manufacturer: SportsPlay
Height: 7’6″     Top Rail: 3-1/2″      Legs: 3-1/2″

2-Seat Unit weighs 140 lbs. and measures 1′ x 12′.
Cost: $1,650.00 (Part ID# 581-352)

3-Seat Unit weighs 210 lbs. and measures 1′ x 17′.
Cost: $1,918.00 (Part ID# 581-353)

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