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The classic playground bars

Maybe you remember them from childhood, or maybe you just recognize a good work-out when you see one. These classic horizontal ladders are available in three different models: Standard, Inclined, and Junior (see details below). The rungs all measure 1″ outside diameter. Made from rock-solid USA steel. Gets yours today!


Measurements Weight Price Part ID#
Standard Ladder 16’L x 80″H x 2’W
Rails: 2-3/8″ OD
155 lbs. $1,662.00 painted
$1,290.00 unpainted
Inclined Ladder 13’L x 80″H x 2’W
Rails: 2-3/8″ OD
150 lbs. $1,112.00 painted
$864.00 unpainted
Junior Ladder 10’L x 6’H x 2’W
Rails: 1-7/8″ OD
110 lbs. $1,100.00 painted
$856.00 unpainted

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Construction and Installation

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