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The classic playground swingset, with a streamlined, modern look.  Certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).  Available with an 8-foot-high bipod structure, or a tripod structure that’s 8 feet or 10 feet high.  Choose between 8 seats, 6 seats, 4 seats, or 2 seats (the photo above shows a 4-seat model). Various colors available!

Included: All swingsets come with galvanized steel pipes, self lubricating swing hangers, 4/0 galvanized welded chain, and cut-proof belt seats.

Manufacturer: SportsPlay. You can substitute stronger seats, chains, and hangers, as you like.

Legs: 2-3/8″      Top rail: 2-3/8″.

Modern Swingsets :: Bipod Model, 8-Foot High

DescriptionUse ZoneWeightPriceParts ID
2 seats32′ x 27′208 lbs.$1,342.00581-238
4 seats32′ x 38′306 lbs.$2,411.00581-438
6 seats32′ x 49′400 lbs.$3,123.00581-638
8 seats32′ x 60′575 lbs.$4,038.00581-838

Modern Swingsets :: Tripod Model (8 Feet or 10 Feet High)

8-Foot High
DescriptionUse ZoneWeightPriceParts ID
2 seats32′ x 33′300 lbs.$1,595.00581-230-8
4 seats32′ x 44′430 lbs.$2,521.00581-430-8
6 seats32′ x 55′555 lbs.$3,564.00581-630-8
8 seats32′ x 66′685 lbs.$4,422.00581-830-8
10-Foot High
DescriptionUse ZoneWeightPriceParts ID
2 seats40′ x 31′320 lbs.$1,813.00581-230
4 seats40′ x 42′460 lbs.$2,712.00581-430
6 seats40′ x 53′570 lbs.$3,749.00581-630
8 seats40′ x 64′720 lbs.$4,513.00581-830

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