Musical play items let your kids create sweet sounds on the playgrounds. From xylophones to drums to a pebble harp (!), little musicians will be bashing out a joyful noise of tunes on a variety of instruments. Every item is full commercial-grade, built for use in schools, daycares, homeowner associations, and other non-residential settings. For ages 2 – 5 years.

musical play equipmentXylophone

This xylophone is actually tuned to the key of “C.” Comes with handle attached. Space required: 4’6″ x 1’6″. Weight: 175 lbs.

Wood version $1,739.00
Metal/plastic $1,9090.00

musical play equipmentChime Panel

This free-standing instrument has chimes for ringing with any tool at hand. Space required: 4’6″ x 1’6″. Weight: 188 lbs. Unit# EC-032.

Wood version $1,389.00
Metal/plastic $1,399.00

playground metal drumMetal Drum

A fun drum that produces 4 or 5 different sounds, depending on where you strike it. 12″ diameter, 14″ tall. Space required: 3′ diameter. Weight: 30 lbs.

Price $487.00 #EC-033

playground musical rockin drumsRockin’ Plastic
Conga Drum Set

Conga players unite! This free-standing unit has 2 sturdy roto-molded plastic drums of different sizes. Space required: 3’4″ x 1’6″.

Wood version $439.00

Metal/plastic version

musical pebble harpPebble Harp

This unique instrument creates a new sound every time. Kids drop rocks in the top of the lower section, and funky noises result. Cedar wood. Space required: 5′ diameter. Weight: 143 lbs.

Price $1,379.00
Unit# EC-030

playground musical whistleFree-Standing Whistle

This fun whistle attaches to the vertical post of an existing play structure. The pitch of the sound depends on how quickly the plunger is moved. Weight: 23 lbs.

Wood version $339.00
Metal/plastic $329.00