3 Posts Dynamo Playground net climbers in the 3-post design go by the name of Tridents. These 3 posts Dynamo net climbers are available in 2 different models: the, Medium and Dreamcatcher (all for ages 5 – 12). The cables are made from steel-loaded polyamide, and they have a UV guard. These net climbers bring movement, balance, exercise and fun back into the playground. Each type of net climber is available in several colors. The Trident net structures range in height from 12 feet (the Dreamcatcher) up to 18 feet (Medium). They’re manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds, one of the most exciting names in the playground equipment business.


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Trident :: Medium
(Ages 5 – 12)
Capacity: 113
Height: 18′ 8″
Price: $71,260

Trident :: Dreamcatcher
(Ages 5 – 12)
Capacity: 92
Height: 12′ 10″
Price: $74,450

Playground Equipment :: Net Climbers :: Meteor Nets

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