Climbing Walls
Now you see it … Our transparent climbing wall offers years of fun for kids while promoting visibility on your play area and blending in with its surroundings.
This transparent climbing wall offers hours of fun while promoting interaction between the climbers (up to 6 at one time). The structure includes 3 panels made from rugged, attached to 4 vertical steel posts. This wall has 2 height options: 6 feet (for ages 3-5 and 5-12) or 8 feet (for ages 5-12).

The posts are made from steel. They secure in the ground with concrete. The posts are powdercoat-painted in color blue.

There are 3 panels. The unit is 12′ long, but you can order custom configurations with additional panels (each 4 feet wide).

In total, there are 120 hand-holds, which are colored yellow and green, offering maximum contrast on the gray background. (The hand-holds are placed on both sides of each panel.) The hand-holds attach to the transparent panels with stainless-steel hardware and zinc-plated bolts.

Ground Space: 12′ long x 6 feet high or 8 feet high

Use zone: 13′ x 24′ (for both 6′ and 8′ height)

Weight: 725 lbs. for 6′ model, 925 lbs. for 8′ model

Manufacturer: Everlast Climbing

Price: $10,205.00, in 6-foot height, $10,972.00 in 8-foot height (excl. shipping)

playground climbing wall
playground climbing wall

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