Model Zack (5″ Posts) and Zack Jr. (3.5″ Posts)

commercial playground structure :: Model Zack

Manufacturer: SportsPlay
Ages: 5-12 years
Total events: 7
Elevated events: 6
Elevated events ADA: 6
Ground level events: 1
Size: 22′ x 37′
Use Zone: 34′ x 49′
Weight: 2,938 lbs.

Features include:• double wall slide
• tic-tac-toe turner
• “U” climber
• ribbed roof
• bubble window
• store panel
• spiral slide
• transfer station
• steering wheel


Zack (5″ outside diameter posts)
$25,095.00† Model# 911-131B

Zack Jr. (3.5″ outside diameter posts)
$22,157.00† Model# 911-231B

† Prices exclude shipping and handling.

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Construction and Installation

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