toddler play unit seedling

The Seedling toddler unit has two platforms and plenty of play events.

The Seedling has a Clock Panel, a Shapes and Objects Panel, a Window Panel, a Gear Panel, a Bongo Drums, a Rain Wheel, a 1-2-3 Step, and a straight double-wall slide.  This equipment is commercially compliant to CPSC and ASTM standards and IPEMA certified.

toddler seedling play structure

The Seedling is available in 2 models: with a roof, or without a roof.

Kids using this play structure will experience many learning benfits, including
·         Bringing Learning Outdoors
·         Gross Motor Development
·         Fine Motor Development
·         Music & Movement
·         Shapes Recognition
·         Multisensory Experiences

You can attach this structure to the ground using 8-inch ground spikes, or 2-inch anchor bolt. Or, you can secure it in the ground using concrete (permanent mount kit sold separately for $209.00).

The Discovery Center Seedling Unit is available in 2 models:

Option #1, With Roof (shown at top of page). Weight: 420 lbs. Price: $3,518.00 (excluding shipping).

Option #2, Without Roof (shown below). Weight: 420 lbs. Price: $2,860.00 (excluding shipping).