Playground tricycles and trikes are fun on four wheels for all of your kids. Made by Angeles they’re the playground standards, made from sturdy steel. The Angeles trikes are guaranteed for 5 years, so if you buy them for home use, they’ll be in use long after your own kids outgrow them! Choose from many models of playground tricycles and trikes, including single-rider tricycles, rickshaws, themed tricycles, and toddler trikes. They’re available in many sizes, too, for children and toddlers. Get on the road today! And take advantage of our discounts for bulk purchases (3+ units)!
Tricycles & Trikes :: Child-Size, For Single User
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_standard-SilverRider and
ClassicRider Tricycles
The playground classic, in 3 sizes.
Low-Rider Super Cycles
Fun low-rider action!
Tricycles & Trikes :: Child-Size, For Multi-Users
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_carryall-Carry-All Tricycle
Bring your toys along, too!
Room for 1 driver and
2 passengers!
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_schoolbus-School Bus Tricycles
Seats driver +
1 passenger!
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_firetruck-Fire Truck Tricycle
Room for driver +
1 passenger
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_skitterscooter-Skitter Scooter
3 wheel standing trike!
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_redwagon-Red Wagon
It’s haulin’ time!
Tricycles & Trikes :: Toddler-Size
playgroundequipment_tricycles&trikes_angeles_silverrider_pedalpusher-Pedal Pusher Tricycles
2 sizes for toddler fun!
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