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Playground surfaces are the most fundamental element of playground safety. Whatever playground surfaces you need, we carry them! Safety woodchips, engineered wood fiber (“wood carpet”), rubber tiles, Poured-in-Place liquid rubber, artificial turf, white sand, sculpting sand — all the top playground surfaces are available here. Unlike our competitors, we have installed every one of these types of playground surfaces with our own hands, on hundreds of playgrounds in the Maryland – Washington, D.C. – Virginia area. We’re playground surfaces experts, with more than 20 years of experience in the playground business. You can click on the options below to find out more about our playground surfaces. Call us now at (877) 840-0707 for more information about our playground surfaces!

Playground Surfaces ::
Woodchips and Wood Fiber
Playground Surfaces ::
Artificial Grass and Turf
playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces
Safety Woodchips
High grade safety chips, screen-filtered. We deliver and/or install in the MD – DC – VA area. Or pick them up at our facility, in any quantity.
playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)
A ground wood product a.k.a. wood rug or Woodcarpet®. Nationwide: 90+ cubic yards delivered.

playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces
PlayOn™ AstroTurf

A high quality artificial grass that’s designed to look like natural grass.

playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces
PlayOn AstroPlay®

The 21st century artificial turf, produced with highly durable nylon yarn.

Playground Surfaces ::
Rubber Tile, Mulch, and Poured-in-Place

playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces Synthetic Rubber Tile
These rubber tiles create a highly protective playground surface. Starting at $21.99
per tile (adhesive sold separately).

playground surfacesPlayground Surfaces Synthetic Liquid Rubber
Professional grade surfacing, made from rubber particles with a urethane or latex binder.
playground surfacesPlayground Rubber Mulch
Discontinued for playground use.