Play On Surfacing AstroPlay

AstroPlay surfacing is the latest generation in artificial turf. It is produced with highly durable nylon yarn, using a unique tufting system. So, it doesn’t require any infill material, making it particularly safe for infants and toddlers. AstroPlay safely achieves fall heights of up to 5’6″ when installed over a crushed stone base. Supplemental padding is also available enabling you to safely achieve fall heights of 10′. Infill products are also available for playground applications, providing you with the same high level of safety in a lower cost alternative.

Unlike its predecessor, AstroTurf, AstroPlay features a unique combination of rubber and nylon fiber. This Root Zone® technology is embedded in a polyethylene fiber matrix, offering grass-like foot movement and feel appearance and ball response. In other words, it actually “gives” underfoot, just like real turf.

We install AstroPlay surfacing in the Maryland – Washington, DC – Virginia area.

For more information on AstroPlay surfacing, please phone us at 1-877-840-0707 TOLL FREE or 1-301-840-0707 locally.