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Virginia shade structures cast long shadows where you need them to go. Your visitors will stay protected and out of the sun, keeping them cooler and healthier. We sell a wide range of shade structures in Virginia for use in both commercial and residential settings. Choose from among the following designs: square shades, rectangular shades, triangular sail shades, hexagon shades (6 sides), and 8-sided octagon shades (8 sides). For the shade and rectangle shades, a cantilever model is available that has posts on only 2 sides (great for swimming pools and fronts of buildings). Our company is located close to Virginia, in Gaithersburg, MD. Shade structures are one of our specialties, and we don’t just sell them — since starting business in 1986, we have installed shade structures in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and beyond. For a custom quote, just give us a call at (301) 840-0707.

virginia shade structures virginia shade structures
virginia shade structures