Baseball Backstop -- Portable

These sturdy baseball portable backstops are easily transported from field to field. Choose between the model 552-411, shown in the photo above, and the smaller 552-410 (shown below). One person alone can move these portable backstops, using the Backstop Transporter (purchased separately).

Portable Backstop Models

Photo Unit# Size Weight 5′ Hood Wings Price
Baseball Backstop, Portable #552-410 552-410 10’W x 10’H 640 lbs. NA 2 (10′) Discontinued
Baseball Backstop, Portable #552-411
Shown in main photo above.
552-411 10’W x 10’H 725 lbs. 1 2 (10′) $5,471.00

Backstop Transporter (seen in photo above)
Weight: 70 lbs.
Price: $878.00 (Part ID# 552-151)