Residential swing chains are available here! These residential chains are tough, durable, and reasonably priced. They’re hand-picked by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs). Unlike many sellers of discount commercial playground parts, we will never sell factory seconds or used parts. You’ll like our residential swing seats, swing hangers, swing chains, and other swing parts so much, we think you’ll order swing parts from us time and again! Your swing components get put to the test every day by your kids, and most backyards don’t offer the same surface protection that playgrounds do. So, make sure you get top quality swing seats, hangers, and chains from us. They’re easy to install, with only basic tools. We even offer playground safety mats and ADA compliant swing seats and parts, for all your home playground component needs. So, you can rely on Maryland Materials for residential parts that stand up to the test of time — and the kids!

Residential Swing Chains
Three types available: uncoated, Plastisol-coated, and soft-grip coated. We recommend coated chains, to avoid pinching kids’ fingers. To attach the chain to a swing seat or a swing hanger on the play structure, you’ll probably need swing connectors (see below).
Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, Swingset Chain - Plain
3/16″ Proof Coil Chain
Two lengths available:
5’5″ Length
$10.49 each
8′ length
$14.75 each
Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, Swingset Chain - Plastisol
Plastisol Coated
Chain (3/16″)
Lengths available:
5’6″ length
$22.99 each
8′ length
$26.25 each

Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, Swingset Chain - Soft Grip Tube
Soft Grip Tube Chain
Chain embedded in blue, yellow, or green
lengths of rubber. 5′ long.
$23.75 each (#H-60)