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Shown: Our “Traverse” Climbing Walls, which promote horizontal climbing along existing gymnasium walls. We have many alternatives available for panel color and texture (see below).
These “traverse”-style climbing walls are designed to attach to indoor walls, like in gymnasiums. They’re designed for climbing horizontally around the room, rather than vertically up a mountain. The panels are available in heights of 8 feet or 10 feet.

The panels are 4 feet wide. They’re available in heights of 8 feet and 10 feet. Each panel has 20 hand-holds. Our standard models (shown above) are made from sturdy 3/4″ plywood. Several different colors and textures of panels are available: “Magna” (blue); “Relief-Feature” (gray); dry-erase (white); and blackboards (see photos below).

Installation is done by drilling panels into place using a 1/2” hammer drill bit and securing them using sleeve anchors. A 20-foot-long Standard Climbing Wall will take roughly 3 to 4 hours to install. You don’t need a climbing expert to install our walls, but handyman and/or construction experience is adviseable.

You’ll need protective matting placed under the walls, in the correct thickness and the appropriate horizontal distance away from the wall. We also sell protective matting designed to the exact thickness you need. Please phone us for more information.

Panel Dimensions: 4′ wide x 8 feet high or 10 feet high

Manufacturer: Everlast Climbing

Price: Please phone us for information today.

magnetic climbing walls
Option #2: “Magna” Climbing Panels. Our magnetic “Magna” climbing panel provide labeling fun for kids. Each panel comes with sentence-building, word-building, and math magnets.
relief feature climbing walls
Option #3: “Relief-Feature” Panels Our 3-D “Relief-Feature” climbing panel incorporate a variety of fixed rock shapes that offer extra gripping surfaces to hold onto.
dry-erase climbing walls
Option #4: Dry-Erase Panels Our dry-erase climbing wall panels let kids and teachers write their comments, labels, and instructions anywhere on the wall.
eraseable blackboard climbing walls
Option #5: Blackboard Panels Climbing wall panels made out of blackboard! Chalk up your instructions, labels, and comments … Then do it all over again!

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