arch post swing sets

This stylish arch post swing will liven up your backyard or playground. Its 5″ (outer-diameter) supports form a solid structure for active users.  Available in models with 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats, or 8 seats (the photo above shows a 2-seat model). Many colors are available.

Included: All swingsets come with galvanized steel pipes, self lubricating swing hangers, 4/0 galvanized welded chain, and cut-proof seats.

Manufacturer: SportsPlay. Substitute seats, chains, and hangers, as you like.

Legs: 5″ O.D.    Top rail: 3-1/2″    Height: 8′


5″ O.D. Arch Post Swing

DescriptionUse ZoneWeightPriceParts ID
2 seats32′ x 24′591 lbs.$2,584.00581-702
4 seats32′ x 36′798 lbs.$3,975.00581-704
6 seats32′ x 48′1,019 lbs.$5,360.00581-706
8 seats32′ x 60′1,240 lbs.$6,879.00581-708


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