This aerodynamic Aztec 4 Circular Climber turns your kids’ reality inside out! They’ll be attacking it from all angles, developing both upper and lower body strength while pulling themselves up, climbing sideways, and scampering along its edgeless surface. Each climber is imprinted with actual symbols from the ancient Aztec language. With its Moebius-strip design, the circular 4-panel Aztec climber will look great on your playground and give your kids hours of climbing fun.
Number of kids: 15
Ages: 5 to 12 years
Ground Space: 12.5′ x 16′
Use Zone: 24.5′ x 28′
Weight: 794 lbs.
Manufacturer: SportsPlay
Part#: 902-762
Price: $7,630.00 (excl. shipping)

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