company green policyThese days, the natural environment around us needs our help more than ever. Our company believes in environmental responsibility, and we’re doing our part in several ways.

Our modular outdoor playground equipment uses steel posts, typically measuring either 3-1/2″ or 5″ outside diameter. The components are also made of steel. The steel in the posts and the components is approximately 50% recycled.

Many of our modular outdoor playground systems use plastic components, including slides. These plastics are also recycled.

When our installation team builds a new play structure, it practices a policy of leaving a job site the way they found it: clean. We remove any and all waste products, including building supplies and cement, and dispose of them in licensed waste disposal facilities.

Finally, our office recycling program promotes the re-use of paper products, including copy paper, envelopes, and packaging materials. Our mail-order business re-uses boxes and packaging material where possible.