net combo climber

This multi-use climber incorporates several exercise elements to give your kids hours of fun. They won’t realize it, but they’ll also be getting a great workout and improving their balance, at the same time. The climber is made from galvanized steel pipe, which are configured into several ladders running in different directions. The netting is made from tough aluminum. The horizontal rungs at the top of the structure are 2 feet across. This model is available in 2 variations: permanent or portable. The price is perfect for modest budgets. For more information, phone us today, toll free.

Ages: 5 to 12 years
Dimensions: 7′ long x 7′ wide x 6′ long
Use Zone: 19′ x 19′
Manufacturer: SportsPlay, Inc.
160 lbs. (permanent)
155 lbs. (portable)

Permanent Net Climber (Unit# 301-135) Price: $1,964.00
Portable Net Climber (Unit# 302-135) Price: $1,887.00

Please note that prices do not include shipping.

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