Playground safety mats, swing mats

When you need to give children extra protection on your playground, trust our bevelled swing safety mats. They’re recommended for use under swing sets, at the end of slides, and on other high-impact areas. Each mat is 100% rubber and measures 40″ long by 30″ x 2″ thick. The edges are bevelled, to minimize tripping and contact points. When playground safety is your top priority, you can rely on our swing set safety mats. They’re also good for preventing kids’ feet from eroding resilient surfacing while using the swings. The mats weigh 40 lbs. each. They are certified for playground use, for a fall from 4′.

Safety advisory: Our safety swing mats are only for use when placed over an adequate layer of resilient surfacing, like wood chips or wood fiber carpeting. They do not meet playground safety requirements if they are merely placed over hard surfacing like stone or blacktop.

Price: $132.00 each (Unit# SWG-05)

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