Commercial playground equipment includes rotating playground climbers and merry-go-rounds. These fun items of commercial playground equipment bring circular speed and fun to your play area. Our commercial playground equipment climbers and merry-go-rounds are manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds, one of the most exciting names in the commercial playground equipment business. Dynamo’s rotating commercial playground equipment climbers use one of the highest steel contents in the industry; that’s how they can make such outlandish-looking structures and still remain safe. The merry-go-rounds are manufactured by SportsPlay, one of the leading names in commercial playground commercial recreation. For more information about our commercial playground equipment, our rotating playground climbers, and our merry-go-rounds, just phone us today, toll free. We have safety experts standing by to offer information to your about all of our commercial playground equipment.

Rotating Climbers

commercial playground equipment“Quad Pods” Rotating Climber
This wild rotating climber has 4 individual play events that each spin on their own axes … while the whole climber itself is rotating! If your kids can’t get enough spinning fun, you came to the right place. There are also secure vertical climbing nets attached to the sides of the structure. Rated for up to 40 kids ages 5 – 12 years. ASTM compliant.

Quad Pods Climber
Unit# DX-2400
Price: $36,700.00

commercial playground equipment

Apollo Climbers
The sky is the limit with our exciting Apollo Climbers! These climbers spin on a single axis. Kids can climb all over them in 100 ways. Four sizes of Apollo Climber are available, depending on the number and age of users. Each one is available with a net flooring or a solid floor (as seen in photos here). The netting is steel-reinforced nylon, and it is very strong. Every Apollo unit is ASTM compliant.

Shown in photo at left: Apollo Full-Size Climber.
Height: 12’8″
Diameter: 10’10”
Capacity: 35 users.
Ages: 5 – 12 years
Unit# DX-2100F $27,140.00

commercial playground equipment
Apollo Mid-Size
Height: 10’11”
Diameter: 10’10”
Capacity: 25 users.
Ages: 5 – 12 years
With floor (shown above) $17,910. #DX-2000F
Without floor #DX-2000 $16,940
commercial playground equipment
Apollo Mini
Height: 8′
Diameter: 6’7″
Capacity: 15 users.
Ages: 2 – 5 years
With floor (shown above) $14,030. #DX-1200

commercial playground equipment

commercial playground equipmentAllegro Climber
Think of a giant basketball hoop with ship’s rigging attached to the top. The Allegro Climber lets kids climb and spin to their hearts’ delight. This unit is ASTM compliant. Ages: 5 – 12 years. Capacity: 25 users. Diameter: 10’10”. Height: 10’11”.

Unit# DX-2200
Price: $22,895.00

commercial playground equipment

commercial playground equipmentAstro Climber
Take a spinning merry-go-round with a steel mid-section, then wrap the top and bottom with commercial-grade climbing cable … and then you’ve got the Astro Climber. Kids can climb all over this great climber while the whole structure spins. This unit is ASTM compliant. Ages: 5 – 12 years. Capacity: 25 users. Height: 11’3″. Diameter: 10’10”.

Unit# DX-2300F
Price: $21,270.00

commercial playground equipment6′-Round
$3,571 #301-142