sandbox cover for your daycare or school
Sandbox covers
from our company are custom-made with the strength and durability you need! We have two types of sandbox covers: the Magic Weighted Edge Sandbox Cover and the Mesh Sandbox Cover. Your sandbox gets put to the test every day by the sun, the rain, small animals, and your kids, so make sure your cover is top-quality, too. Ours are tough and durable, yet reasonably priced. Use them to keep the sand in and keep nature out. They’re easy to install, with only basic playground tools.They’re all made in the USA, custom-cut in the State of Florida, which knows a thing or two about protecting people and property from the sun and rain.

How to Order a Sandbox Cover for Your Playground

You may order these sandbox covers directly online at our sister site To place an order over the phone, just give us a call at 877-840-0707. (Free shipping is currently available on the Magic Sandbox Cover!)

Watch our video on the weighted edge Sandbox Cover

Pricing For SandBox Covers

Magic Weighted-Edge Sandbox Covers™

sandbox covers with chainOur Magic Sandbox Covers™ are made from sturdy vinyl. No snaps, no hooks! There’s a chain built into the outside flaps, which holds the cover in place. Every cover is custom-cut to your sandbox dimensions. Below are our prices for standard sizes, but we can make any sandbox to the exact dimensions you need. Get free shipping if you order soon!

4′ x 4′, $290.00
4′ x 6′, $335.00
5′ x 5′, $370.00
6′ x 6′, $405.00
6′ x 8′, $470.00
8′ x 8′, $565.00
8′ x 10′, $660.00
8′ x 12′, $745.00
 10′ x 10′, $785.00
10′ x 12′, $925.00
12′ x 12′, $1,050.00

Other sizes
We can custom-cut
the weighted-edge covers to any size
you need. Please phone us for pricing.

Polywoven Canvas Sandbox Covers

mesh sandbox cover

Our polywoven canvas sandbox covers have many uses. First, they keep sand and sand toys in the sandbox, so they don’t blow away. Second, sandbox covers keep the sand clean by preventing certain things from accessing the sand, including animals, sticks, and branches. Third, our covers protect the sandbox surface, which prevents mold and rot on wooden surfaces.


4′ x 8′, $385.00
8′ x 8′, $446.00
12′ x 12′, $826.00

Other sizes
Unfortunately, only three sizes are
available, as shown above

Do you need a different size for your Sandbox? No problem. We can have a custom sandbox cover made to fit any size. For larger sizes, just calculate $6 for each extra square foot. Got questions about the sandbox covers? Call us today toll free at 877-840-0707