The “Up Top” commercial playground structure gives you fun for 30 kids, at a great price. It has 2 slides, a rung ladder, and 3 play panels. Even better, you can choose the play event that connects 2 of the platforms: choose a Crawl Tube or a Bone Bridge. Even better, there’s no concrete needed to install this structure. Just assemble the unit in place, then drive the vertical spikes through the baseplates at the bottom of each post. No fuss, no muss — just fun.

Up Top Unit
The fun on the “Up Top” play structure goes vertical (with 2 slides) and horizontal, with a Crawl Tube/Bone Bridge deck link option (graphic above shows the Crawl Tube option).

Ultra Play Up Top
This reverse view of the “Up Top” structure shows the unit available in a red, blue, and yellow color scheme. It also shows the Bone Bridge deck connector option and the Ultra Mountain Climber option (color gray).


  • Ages: 5-12
  • Deck height: 4’ & 6′
  • Deck: 36-3/4″ punched steel, plastisol coated
  • Post Diameter: 3.5”
  • Posts: 13-gauge galvanized steel tube, powdercoated
  • Plastics: Heavy-duty rotomolded & blow molded components
  • Activities: 10 events
  • Capacity: 20-30 kids
  • Critical Fall Height: 72”
  • Use zone: 40’ x 31’
  • Dimensions: 28’ x 19′
Play events include:

  • Straight Slide
  • Wave Slide
  • Choose either 4′ Ultra Mountain Climber or 4′ Vine Climber
  • Choose either Crawl Tunnel or Bone Bridge deck link
  • 6′ Rung Climber
  • Window Panel
  • Game Panel
  • Bench Panel
  • Drums
  • Rain Wheel


“Up Top” Structure $10,711.00†
Or $11,020.00† if you substitute the Deluxe Rock Climbing Wall for the 6′ Rung Climber

† Price excludes shipping and handling.

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Construction and Installation

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