The playground parts below came from playgrounds that we service. Obviously, it doesn’t pay to ignore wear on playground parts. If a bearing surface has more than 1/4 of its diameter cut through or worn away, it’s time to replace it. For information on our playground services in the Maryland – Virginia – Washington, DC area, including playground inspections, phone us at (301) 840-0707.

Broken Playground Parts 1

This part was removed from a Washington, D.C.-area playground. It should have been replaced long ago.  A new $40 part can save thousands in wear and tear on equipment — and in liability costs.

Broken Playground Parts 2

This hanging part was so badly worn through that it practically came off in the hands of our playground safety analyst.

Broken Playground Parts 3

When a swing part snaps, you don’t want your child to be involved. There’s no excuse for negligence like this.  Don’t skimp on parts just to save spare change!