The 551-421 backstop, one of several models of baseball backstops available for your field.

These baseball backstops from SportsPlay Inc. set the standard for recreational baseball action. For ease of installation, these baseball backstops are designed with interlocking 5′ x 10′ pre-stretched panels (shown in photo at right), which can be replaced or re-screened individually. The pipe frames are 2-3/8″ outside diameter steel pipe, made from 15 gauge, Schedule 40 pipe. The wire fencing is made from 11 gauge steel. The backstop fencing is attached to the frame using 1/2″ wide and .020″ stainless steel banding and 3/8″ knuckle. Every backstop is also available with black vinyl coating!

Backstop Models Available

Weight5′ HoodWingsPrice
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-11010’W x 10’H195 lbs.NANA
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-41010’W x 10’H480 lbs.NA2 (10′)
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-41110’W x 10’H530 lbs.12 (10′)
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-42020’W x 10’H650 lbs.NA2 (10′)
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-42120’W x 10’H840 lbs.12 (10′)
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-51010’W x 15’H730 lbs.NA2 (10′)
Baseball Backstops :: Sports Equipment551-51110’W x 15’H850 lbs.12 (10′)

Additional Backstops not shown above

551-21010’W x 10’H325 lbs.NA2 (5′)$2,405.00
551-52020’W x 15’H940 lbs.NA2 (10′)$6,762.00
551-52120’W x 15’H1,140 lbs.12 (10′)$8,654.00
Extra Heavy Duty 9 Gauge Wire      

20’W x 15’H

1,20012 (10′)$9016.00

All backstop products are available with black vinyl coating.

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