virginia engineered wood fiber

Engineered wood fiber is the new playground standard for protecting kids from falls. It’s a ground wood product that’s similar in texture to shredded bark mulch, but it’s ground down more finely; its consistency is somewhere between wood chips and saw dust. Engineered wood fiber consists of “relatively uniform sized shredded wood fibers from recognized hardwoods” which contain “no bark or leaves,” according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Comission’s (CPSC) Handbook for Playground Safety (page 40). And this fiber is made out of wood (not bark), so it’s lighter in color. It also goes by the name of “EWF,” “wood carpet,” and “wood rug.”

Engineered wood fiber is 100% natural, and it contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It’s processed more finely than woodchips, so there are no sharp sticks or points. On your playground, it forms a soft, spongy surface and compresses down over time, so it’s wheelchair accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

All of our fiber is fully certified, so you know that you’re getting industry-standard quality for your play area.

engineered wood fiber in virginiaDelivery

We deliver and install engineered wood fiber in the State of Virginia. Our minimum order is 12 cubic yards, and the maximum is … however much you need, up to thousands of cubic yards. For a quote, just phone us toll free at 1-877-840-0707.Advantages