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Pool shades are the best way to keep temperatures down and protect your clients from the sun. These shades are commercial grade, manufactured to meet all of the health and safety standards. Cantilever models of pool shades (as shown below) have the advantage of stretching over an entire area, but the posts are located on one side, placed well out of reach. These pool shades are designed to industrial strength and engineered to withstand winds of 80 mph with fabric installed (the steel structure alone is rated to withstand 150 mph winds). They also feature an easy quick-release system for removing the fabric for winter storage. With the sun growing stronger year-round, consider one of these professional pool shades for your protection needs.

pool shades
Pool Shades :: Rectangular Cantilever Model

These pool shades offer many benefits to your pool and resort:

• Up to 99% UV screening, up to 92% shade (depending on fabric color)
• 80% water repellence
• Cooler equipment — protects paint & plastic from fading
• Cooler children — minimize heat exhaustion, sunburn, or sunstroke.
• Long service life — 10 year limited warranty
• Wide selection of colored fabric and colored powder coating for the steel components
• Custom sizes available.